D.I. Color Grading
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The DI color grading process is much more than just taking an image into a color corrector and changing it. Beyond simple color correction is D.I. color grading. It is part art and part science. It takes a team of talented artists & engineers.


At ILLUSION VFXCG, 4K D.I. is what we do. The process starts with the conform, including retimes, optical, and color management. Than look development begins, followed by color enhancement, image texture, beauty work & more. Our services incorporate the latest technology and use of top creative talent to create stunning images. We develop the best image science processes through research & testing. The workflows we engineer are innovative & efficient while maintaining the highest quality in image fidelity.


We manage the image from on-set acquisition to theater delivery. We care about our clients and handle their projects as if they were our own. We care about our clients & handle their projects as if they were our own. We are more than a typical post facility, but rather a postproduction. At ILLUSION VFXCG we take color very seriously. So, if you want your film’s image to have impressive color – done right – we are your facility of choice. Your Creative vision is our company mission.